Yang Sheng – The Art of Chinese Self-Healing Book


Based on a holistic and sophisticated understanding of how we function, the profound techniques of yang sheng will nurture your body. mind and spirit.

Some of the techniques will be new to you, some may seem unusual but they are all simple to learn and quick to do. This is self-care as proven by thousands of years of history.

“My aim with this book is to translate an ancient and powerful philosophy into simple and clear daily rituals. I want you to discover how Chinese medicine does not need to be complicated or mysterious. It’s something you can do yourself, with just small changes that can be breathtakingly effective.” – Katie Brindle

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Lead a calmer and more balanced life with Yang Sheng – The Art of Chinese Self-Healing.

The concept of self-care is, in fact, thousands of years old. This buzzword is rooted in a 2,500-year old Chinese philosophy. Yang sheng means to nourish life fostering your own health and wellbeing by nurturing body, mind and spirit.

In this book, Katie Brindle teaches readers how to harness this powerful natural healing system to improve every aspect of their life.


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