Moonlight Facial Gua Sha Session


Sunday 26th May    7pm – 8pm

Moonlight Facial Gua Sha Session 

This is an ONLINE GROUP session over Google Meets.

This session will allow you to slow down and will naturally bring some intuitive flow into your self-care using Gua Sha crystals. Introducing Gua Sha massage into your skincare routine is a wonderful meditative practice. Get ready for the transformation.


What you will need for my Moonlight Gua Sha Session.

  • A Gua Sha tool – please be aware a pure crystal will be much more beneficial for restorative, healing and soothing purposes. Glass Gua Sha tools are just not the same. White Jade is the perfect crystal for a night time facial as it helps to relax and remove stress factors, bringing peace and calm.
  • Facial oil suitable for massage purposes so it can give a lovely glide for the Gua Sha tools. If you don’t have an oil then my favourite are Tropic Elixir Radiance Boosting Omega Oil and Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil. 
  • To create the perfect space in your home for this online session I recommend a quiet, softly lit room with perhaps a nice scented candle or diffuser.
  • Moonlight Beauty Ritual Collections available to order.


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