Beauty Rituals

My passion and my purpose as a Makeup Artist/Gua Sha IPHM certified Teacher is to help connect you with your inner beauty. To truly look and feel your very best only comes when you find the beauty within.

The essence of Beauty Rituals with Louise is to take a holistic approach to beauty. My beauty rituals are meditative practices with results that go way beyond gorgeous glowing skin.

I am a Tropic Skincare Ambassador and can offer personalised complimentary skincare advice and recommend products which are freshly made to unlock your healthiest glow. Tropic feeds your skin with nature’s most nutritious ingredients, fusing wild tropical botanicals with no artificial preservatives or toxins in sight. Tropic delivers visible clinical results, protects the planet and funds good causes.

We know how important it is to feed our bodies with fresh, balanced and colourful produce – so why wouldn’t we do the same for our skin?
Susie Ma, Tropic Founder and CEO

I am a Gua Sha IPHM Certified Teacher and can teach you the basics of this simple but effective self massage technique. If you haven’t tried it then believe me when I say – gua sha massage is the missing link to your skincare routine.

IPHM International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Wellness Shop

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Welcome to my Wellness Shop where you will find a range of beautiful products proven to bring wellbeing and serenity to your day.
My passion as a Makeup Artist/Gua Sha IPHM certified Teacher is to help connect you with your inner beauty. To truly look & feel your very best only comes when you can find the beauty within.

NEW to my shop is Sirens Luxury Natural Skincare for Hands. Taking care of our hands is important for overall well-being,  they work hard for us so they deserve a little beauty ritual.  This collection offers a wonderful opportunity for a relaxing at-home hand massage.  This targeted skincare collection will nourish, transform and build confidence in your hands. Made with natural and organic ingredients Sirens will help you rediscover the beauty of your hands.

I have a beautiful collection of Facial tools to practice Gua Sha massage. This is a self-care practice proven over centuries, to transform the health of our body and skin, both inside and out. It is the root of not only feeling amazing but having beautiful glowing skin too. It is a wonderful meditative practice allowing you to slow down with so many benefits:

  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Increases collagen levels
  • Reduces dark under eye circles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces puffiness & congestion
  • Eases facial muscle tension
  • Soothes inflammation & redness
  • Smooths, contours & defines
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles