Gua Sha – The Ultimate Beauty Tool

I am now an approved stockist of the UK’s original, multi-award winning Gua Sha and wellness tools – ‘Hayo’u Method’ – The Ultimate Beauty Tools.

Loved by Beauty Editors and skincare lovers, Gua Sha works with your skin from the inside to lift, plump and sculpt. Gua Sha helps to improve the function of the skin which in turn can help with many skin conditions such as:
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Deep lines
  • Dark circles
  • Puffiness
  • Acne
  • Rosacea

Gua Sha can help retrain the muscles of the face, helping to relax, tone, lift and strengthen them.

Hayo’u Method has recently been included in ‘British Vogue ‘34 Of The World’s Best Beauty Products’ – According To Fashion’s Favourite Make-Up Artists.  All the crystals are certified by the British Association of Gemologists. They are completely natural, environmentally friendly with no harmful plastics or batteries, and if you look after them, they will last forever.
Facial Gua Sha is simply the greatest gift you can give your skin and is the ultimate beauty tool.  The stresses of daily life have a huge impact on our skin, and regardless of how expensive your face cream is, if the circulation isn’t working properly and your skin isn’t being nourishing from within, you’re wasting your money.
So what are the benefits of Facial Gua Sha:
  • Boosts collagen and elastin
  • Supports lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives a radiant, glowing complexion
  • Facial Massage can help with the look of elasticity by helping improve circulation. This in turn helps with better product absorption of your skin products.

There are two Restorers to choose from:
Rose Quartz is Associated with the Heart & is great for sensitive, easily reactive skin, or if you have inflammatory skin conditions. The cooling effect of a rose quartz stone while it glides across your skin is known to help calm skin and reduce redness. It’s also known to help improve the appearance of overall tone and elasticity whilst using it as a massage tool. Using the rose quartz beauty restorer in the morning is a great way to work with the hearts energy.
Jade is known for its restorative properties, a stronger stone in material form so is great for contouring and lifting the skin but you can also use it gently on more sensitive skin too. In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that jade crystals carry a healing energy that can help balance your own inner energies, helping to relax, bring a sense of harmony and balance.
Gua Sha’s  are the ultimate beauty tool for life…..
Order through me today  for £38 including postage or order both the Tropic Elixir Facial Oil (30ml) & Gua Sha at a reduced price of £62 including postage.
Email to place your order & whilst stocks last I will be sending you a free sample 2ml Body Oil.