Product of the week: Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum


Where do I start as I could forever ‘blog’ about the wonderful Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare Range.

This 100% natural Skin Perfecting Plant Therapy range is all about beautiful textures, stress melting aromas and multi tasking formulas that blend advanced natural biotech science with the best pure plant extracts.

Effective, powerful, potent but also gentle, indulgent and luxurious – for 3 years now  I have been a huge Antonia Burrell  fan, I use the complete range and it has worked wonders for my ultra sensitive skin!

Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare

I am very excited to share with you the fabulous  Biotech Suprême Pressed Serum which Antonia has been designing for over 5 years.


Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum


POWERED by green biotechnology, Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum delivers supreme results instantly and over time to visibly transform your skin in 7 days – a must have skin investment!

Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum boosts collagen by 102%, revealing skin that is supple, plumped and lifted.

Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum hydrates, smoothes and quenches skin, speeds skin’s natural repair process and evens skin tone, promotes healthier and more radiant complexion, skin glows with strength, vitality and brightness, protects skin overtime from premature ageing and pigmentation, supports skin’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant response to protect skin from oxidative stress.

****Key ingredients of the Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum****

Pumpkin – stimulates skin cell regeneration to prevent and restore signs of damage
Lilac – promotes skin’s natural repair process; gives healthy and radiant complexion
Pomegranate – rich in a rare form of Omega 5 and the only organic source of the most powerful known antioxidant
Paradise flower – restores skin’s luminosity and evens skin tone
Amaranth – locks in moisture; increases skin suppleness and elasticity
Neroli – stimulates circulation and skin cell regeneration; skin toning and brightening properties
Barley – rich in polyphenols; natural antioxidant

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